4 Things To Consider For Your Central PA Home Security System Company

Home security systems play a huge role in keeping any home safe from intruders, potential damage, unknown factors, and more. While having a sound and reliable security system company behind your home is important, choosing the right one may be easier said than done. 

Home security systems can help you rest easy with features like 24/7 professional monitoring, emergency service alerts, and helpful customer support. Some providers may even add convenience to your everyday life with smart home integrations and other handy features. 

There are many home security systems on the market, but they can differ in contract requirements, installation methods, cost, available equipment, and more. If you’re in the market for a new home security system, we’re sharing four things you should consider during your search. 

Consider Installation

Depending on what companies you look into for home security services, the installation of products and equipment is something you will want to consider. Some companies have employees and technicians on staff who will come out to your home and set everything up for you. Others do not. 

If you’re tech-savvy and familiar with security systems, a DIY option may be fine for you. But if you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with the setup, we recommend looking for a company that handles this for you. If you choose to work with a company that sets everything up for you, you may also gain peace of mind in knowing that it was done correctly and everything is as it should be. 

Consider Costs

Cost is a big factor for many looking into home security systems. Regarding cost, remember that there are a few factors to consider. You may need to pay for the equipment and products themselves, the installation of the system, and ongoing monitoring. We recommend asking what all is included in your ongoing monthly costs. In addition, you may want to look for a company that offers troubleshooting, 24/7 support, dispatch services, and helpful customer service. 

Though cost is important, remember that the price you’re paying is for your protection and security, so you may want to think of it more as an investment into your home and family. 

Consider Contracts and Commitments 

When you choose to work with a home security company, be sure to ask about contracts and commitments. Are you required to use their services for a period of time? Do you have to sign anything that locks you into an agreement? If you do have contracts to sign, who is liable for what, and can you get out of the services early if need be? 

Ask questions and read the fine print. You may also want to read online reviews for the companies you consider to see what others have to say about their services and requirements. 

Consider Connection Types

You’ll need a connection to the monitoring center if you choose professional monitoring. There are three standard connection options: landline, broadband, and cellular. 


With a landline, the provider uses a home’s landline connection to notify the monitoring center of an alert or possible disruption. Connecting to a landline is the least expensive option and easiest to tamper with from an outside perspective. For example, if someone cuts your line, you are no longer connected to the monitoring center.


You can use a broadband connection to communicate with the monitoring center and receive home security services if you have high-speed internet. However, if the power goes out, your connection gets lost. Some providers may offer backup batteries to ensure your system stays functional even if the Wi-Fi turns off. 


A cellular monitoring setup works with a built-in chip that sends alerts to the monitoring center using the same kind of signal that your phone uses to make calls and send texts. This is the most reliable method because it can’t be tampered with, and the signal is dependable in most scenarios. However, a cellular connection is usually the most expensive option.

A Home Security Partner You Can Trust

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