4 Trends Affecting Home Security Services in 2022

Home security has become increasingly popular over the past decade, and new trends and features continue to keep this service top of mind. If you’re not already a home security system owner or customer, we highly recommend looking into local service providers to keep your family and property protected. 

For those unfamiliar with home security features and what to expect from providers, we’re highlighting four current trends we see in home security services in 2022. You will definitely want to consider getting these features to help keep you, your home, and your family safe. 

1. Alarm monitoring 

Professional monitoring should be considered a must-have for your alarm system. When choosing a home alarm system, you can either get one that is professionally monitored or a self-monitored option. 

With 24/7 professional monitoring, your home is always protected and you don’t have to rely on your own self monitoring to ensure things are as they should be. The monitoring center will contact you when an alarm gets triggered and ask if you need help. If you don’t respond or need assistance, the center will dispatch emergency services on your behalf. This feature offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other things besides your home’s safety.  

2. Security cameras 

Security cameras offer a variety of valuable features and give you eyes on all areas of your property. Their presence alone can act as an effective deterrent against potential intruders and provide recorded evidence if a crime or incident does occur. Some popular cameras you may want to consider for your home include: 

Doorbell Cameras

The most popular camera at the moment is the doorbell camera and for good reason. These cameras give you a bird’s eye view of your front door area and yard, allowing you to see who and what is happening at your front door whether you’re home at the time or not. For those wanting to monitor deliveries, children coming home from school, or simply check what action is happening in front of your home, doorbell cameras are a great option. 

Outdoor Cameras

In addition to your front door, many homeowners want to see what’s happening in other outdoor areas on their property. And protecting your home from danger begins before an intruder sets foot in your house. Many top rated outdoor cameras offer clear resolution, two-way audio features, and night vision. Outdoor cameras allow you to keep an eye on your perimeter, check on pets in the backyard, or watch for your kids coming home from school. 

Indoor Cameras

For some homes, indoor cameras also make sense for monitoring purposes. While these are less popular than exterior ones, they can either be placed in the open or in more discrete locations throughout your home. 

These options are great for homeowners with children, pets, or those who have frequent visitors in and out of their house. 

3. Security sensors 

Another essential home safety feature is security sensors that alert you of motion in your home or an entrance. There are a variety of security sensors, but the most important ones to have in your security system are motion, door, window, and hazard sensors. 

Motion sensors 

A motion sensor will detect motion or movement in its general vicinity when your alarm is set. If motion is detected, the alarm will trip and go off. This then alerts security partners of possibly intruders or other potential reasons why the alarm went off. 

Door and window sensors

The most common point of entry for a burglar or intruder is through a window or door, so it’s important to have sensors in these areas and keep watch. Door and window sensors that detect motion will sound an alarm and alert you when they’ve been triggered.  

Hazard & emergency sensors

Carbon monoxide sensors and fire alarms are vital and often required in many states. Because carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, a CO alarm is essential to have as it’s the only way you will be alerted to potentially deadly carbon monoxide in your home.

Flood sensors are another important sensor, especially if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or near large bodies of water. Accidents and natural disasters can and do happen, so it’s best to be prepared.  

Lastly, while most burglars would try stealthy ways to get into your property, others may result in breaking windows to gain access. A broken window will sound the alarm with a glass break sensor and alert the monitoring center while hopefully scaring off the intruder.  

4. Smart Locks 

Have you ever left your home and forgot to lock the door? Or maybe you did but you can’t quite remember. Especially when you’re in a rush, some days you just need peace of mind knowing your home is locked up or you can lock it without derailing your entire schedule. Thanks to smart locks, you can easily lock and unlock your home’s doors from your mobile device. Smart Locks also give you access to your home without a physical key, a great feature for when you have babysitters, pet sitters, and others in your home while you’re away. 

Stay protected, no matter the year or season

Once again, new and intelligent technology is dominating the security trends conversation for 2022, and knowing what your home needs, you must first understand what options are available.

Evaluate where smart security devices and integration can make your home and work life easier and give you more peace of mind. And just as importantly, seek the advice of industry experts on safely and effectively incorporating emerging technologies into your life. For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Advantage Security is here to help keep you and your home protected.