5 things to look for in a home security provider

Finding the right home security provider for your needs can be a challenge. From offering the right services to providing you peace of mind, your checklist of wants may be long — and shouldn’t be compromised on when it comes to you and your family’s protection.

So how do you find the right provider for you? While that decision is ultimately yours, we’re here to try to save you the trial and error of choosing the wrong provider before you find the right one. Learn more about five things to look for when vetting home security providers in your area.

Service response

When you hire a home security providers, reliability and a quick response time should be at the top of your priorities list. Not only is it important to have a provider who answers your calls and is responsive in communicating with you, but if or when unexpected security threats strike, having a company you can rely on to act quickly and dispatch the proper support can be the difference between safety and danger.

Customer service

From the very first interaction you have with your potential provider, you should consider their customer service and how they communicate with you from day 1. Much like a fast security response, having a responsive support team to answer your questions, give you updates, keep you in the loop on technology, and so much more is needed. Consider what support offerings each business provides that you’re considering.

Online reviews

Be sure to check out what others are saying about the companies you’re looking into. While businesses can say positive things about themselves and shine their services in a favorable light, hearing what others who actually used their services have to say is incredibly insightful. While it’s important to look at overall ratings, we also recommend you look at the lowest rating a company received to see what most-case-scenarios others have experienced.


When it comes to security, technology is quickly changing, and working with a provider who is up to speed on the current technology, trends, and tools is important. Your provider should use top of the line security and also take an approach that is always improving what they offer to customers. Does the company you want to work with keep you informed on data breaches and technology advances? Is not, you might want to consider someone else.

Licensing and Insurance

To provide home security services in any given state, businesses must be licensed in your state. Each state has different requirements for home security companies, so asking each company you vet if they’re licensed and insured is a good item to check off your list. To get licensed, businesses must pass a test, have experience requirements, offer insurance, and more. Their proper coverage ensures your home and property stays adequately protected.

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