7 Benefits of Remote Surveillance Monitoring

As technology continues to advance, so does the world of home security. A new trend in home security is remote surveillance monitoring. This type of service allows you to monitor your property remotely via a smartphone or computer. These systems give you a sense of security, knowing that everything is okay at their residence while you’re working or out enjoying life! Here are seven benefits of having a remote surveillance system:

Constant Peace of Mind

When you can monitor your home or business from anywhere, it is easier to focus on your work or have fun while you are away. If you are ever curious about what is happening at your home, open the monitoring app on your phone and tap through the various cameras. Even if you don’t check the app, the system will alert you when movement or suspicious activity is detected. 

Easy to Use

Before, home surveillance was only available to the most technical homeowners or had to be run by security professionals. Now, the apps for remote software are simple and easy to use; no technical skills are needed! You can run the entire surveillance system from your smartphone or home computer. 

Faster Response Time From Law Enforcement

In the case of a theft or robbery, by the time the police are called, it’s usually too late. With a home surveillance system, if there is ever a break-in, the police will be notified automatically with your address and phone number on file with the authorities. 

High-Quality Cameras

Newer systems offer high-quality cameras with powerful night vision capabilities, so you can see what’s going on at all hours of the day or night. The cameras are also very discrete and go unnoticed by potential intruders. 

A 24/7 Video Record

The cameras are also constantly capturing and logging high-resolution footage. If something happens while you’re away, the recorded footage will be available for law enforcement officials providing clear evidence and identification of any criminals.

Care for Parents Who Are Aging in Place

Home monitoring systems aren’t only for catching criminals. These systems provide a new opportunity for seniors to stay in their homes and maintain independence. With a remote camera system, children and caretakers can check in on their parents throughout the day and get alerted if anything goes wrong.

Capture Spontaneous Moments of Everyday Life

On a lighter note, you’ll be able to see what family and pets do throughout the day while you’re gone, whether it’s playing with toys, napping, or getting into mischief!

If you are curious about a remote surveillance system, give us a call today. We have a wide range of options available and can match each unique situation with the right system. Our partners also offer 24/hrs customer support which means if something goes wrong or you have any questions, they will be there to help!