Alarm company won’t answer your phone calls? Here’s what to do next

As a homeowner searching for security and protection, it can be frustrating to make a call and only hear the ringtone. Advantage Security is sharing what steps you should take next for those needing a local alarm company to help them protect their most valuable assets. Alarm company not answering your calls? We’ve got you covered.

Search locally

The first thing to do when considering an alarm system for your home is to search locally for a provider you can trust. While national big-box companies do offer alarm services, having a local business provide the protect you need ensures emergencies are met with hast and a trusted community.

Pick up the phone

The next thing to do is to actually try calling around. You may be past this point, but if you haven’t yet called your local companies, give them a ring. Companies that don’t answer their phones probably don’t answer much else — including intruder alerts and other notices when you need them most. As a general rule of thumb, if they don’t answer, don’t think twice. Move on to the next one.

Read online review

Once you find local companies that answer your calls, be sure to check out their reviews online. It’s important to know that others have had positive experiences working with these businesses. While it’s great to read the 5-star ratings, dig deeper into the less-than-desirable reviews to see what went wrong or was unsatisfactory. Consider those scenarios and if they’re dealbreakers for you.

Advantage Security is here to help

For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Advantage Security is here to help protect you and your home. We proudly answer our phones and provide top-notch customer service day in and day out. But don’t just take our word for it — give us a call to see for yourself. As a locally owned and operated business, we love knowing our services protect those in our community. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

To learn more about our services or talk with our experts, simply contact our team today.