How to find the right guard from a security company near you 

Security guards are used today for events, gatherings, and more. Used to ensure safety, law, and order of the place remain in check, security guards are great for wrangling large groups and providing a sense of safety for all people. 

The type of security guard used for any specific event depends on the facility and needs of your occasion. For example, while some events require armed guards, others use security to check guests check-in and answer questions they may have on-site. 

Whatever your needs, we’re sharing more about the different types of security guards and why you may hire each in the future. 

Types Of Security Guard Service We Offer at Advantage Security 

Types of security guards include security personnel from various facilities like Advantage Security, located in York, PA. Some of the guards our team and others supply to multiple events include the following. 

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are the most common type of security guard found in many different facilities, from shopping malls and cinema halls to residential apartments and commercial facilities like zoos and museums. Unarmed security guards patrol and monitor CCTV footage and act as an authority to keep order and safety for all. 

Mobile Guards

As the name suggests, mobile security guards move around a facility to ensure safety and prevent suspicious behavior. You will likely come across mobile guards in airports and malls or other locations where lots of people are on the go. These guards look for breaches in the safety system and possible criminal activities that raise red flags. In addition, they are often deployed to spot preparators and be on the lookout for theft or strange behavior. 

Armed Guards

Armed guards are certified to carry weapons and can be needed for specific events or gatherings. Because these guards carry weapons, these guards are highly trained and take on more significant responsibilities. An armed security guard is required to have comprehensive training in firearms and be certified to perform their responsibilities. These guards are also well-versed in legal aspects and guidelines for carrying and using weapons – for themselves and others. 

Constructional Guards

Security guards are often found on-site at construction spaces to ensure no trespassing is taking place or damage to property gets made. Because construction sites are full of raw materials, theft can be a concern that construction guards mitigate. Guards at construction sites must be proactive by patrolling often to make sure nothing unwanted is occurring at the site. 

Corporate Guards

Offices, commercial spaces and corporate organizations employ security guards to prevent trespassing, loss or damage to property, and other possible criminal activities at their locations. A corporate security guard is often responsible for checking an employees’ ID card and maintaining a log of visitors.

Retail Guards

Guards at various retail and grocery stores, malls, and market complexes are responsible for preventing theft and monitoring suspicious behavior. Retail guards can check the bill and the package of the outgoing customers or simply monitor the entrances to keep watch and take action if alarm bells go off.


Bodyguards are in charge of protecting a person and ensuring their safety in all aspects. A group of bodyguards often protects celebrities, politicians, eminent personalities, and public figures. The primary task of bodyguards is to manage a crowd politely and provide physical protection to the respective person. While bodyguards aren’t often used specifically for an event, they can still help ensure safety and order for individuals or groups. 

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