POTS Lines Are Going Away

On August 2, 2022 the FCC issued Order 19-72A1, releasing phone companies from any legal obligation to provide POTS service. Now, fire & life safety providers are seeing immediate repercussions. With all the buzz around the 2022 3G sunsets, it’s no wonder that security providers who rely on POTS lines are feeling less than prepared.

If you are still using POTS lines for alarm signal transmission, here’s what you can expect:

Get Ready for a Higher Phone Bill

In an effort to phase out the maintenance and service of expensive copper POTS lines, many carriers are increasing monthly telephone bills into the thousands. Has your bill increased yet?

Abrupt Service Cancellations

Now that local providers are under no obligation to service down lines, security dealers and installers are subject to abrupt halts in service should something happen unexpectedly. Although most providers have given the warning that service will completely expire on “X” date, what the invisible print doesn’t say is that service will completely expire on “X” date or as soon as maintenance is required.