Top 7 Questions for Security Companies Before Hiring Them

The second a break-in or robbery happens in your business, it brings production to a grinding halt and results in the loss of valuable resources. That’s why it’s essential to keep your property and its assets protected at all times, and the best way to do that is with help from a security company.

But not every security team is a proper fit for every business. You can hire Advantage Security, Lancaster’s top-rated security company, for the critical job, but it’s still vital to interview every company you’re considering regardless of reviews.

Below, we will go over a few essential questions for security companies before you hire them and why they’re important when it comes to finding the perfect team for your business.

What Certifications Have You Earned?

Every proper security company will have a long list of certifications and insurance coverages to prove they are trustworthy. At a minimum, the security company you choose should have a Department of Public Safety license, which requires all staff members to pass fingerprint screening and a background check.

Beyond that, security companies should offer expansive insurance coverage, including general liability and workman’s compensation, in case of an accident under their supervision.

What Are Your Standard Communication Channels?

Accessibility is a top priority for strong security companies. If you have questions for security guards while they’re patrolling, or they’re in a dangerous situation they need to alert you about, both parties need to be able to reach each other at a moment’s notice.

Before committing to a company, make sure you know what hours they’re accessible, who from their team you can speak with, and what communication tools they use.

How Do You Train Your Team?

A security company’s guards must be well-trained once hired and continually trained as they stay on the job.

States have legal requirements for how much education and professional training a security guard must undergo before working. At the bare minimum, your chosen company should meet these requirements. However, because security legislation and equipment constantly evolve, working with a company that annually trains its staff beyond those minimums is even better.

What Equipment Do Your Guards Use?

Not every security company will protect your property in the same way. 

Some guards are heavily reliant on firearms and other weapons, which can significantly deter armed intruders if you work in an industry with valuable resources. However, an armed guard might do more harm than good in some fields. For example, if you work in a public space with a large client base, a careless guard might use their firearm to accidentally injure members of the public.

Some companies offer alternatives to firearms, opting for building security like alarms and cameras over weapons. The perfect security style will solely depend on your business, making this one of the most critical questions for security companies before hiring one. 

How Does Your Team Handle Emergency Situations?

Protection in emergency situations is the biggest reason security companies exist, and the best teams will jump at the opportunity to show potential clients their response plans.

An ideal security team will outline the equipment they’ll use in specific situations and how they’ll use it, their average response time, and how they’ll respond after the threat is neutralized. If their plan matches your needs, chances are they’ll be a perfect fit for your business.

Do You Have an Area of Expertise?

Some security companies are better suited for some industries than others. And without the right experience and equipment for your specific field, the security team you hire might struggle to remain calm in the face of adversity.

The team you trust to keep your property and assets safe should also be able to prove they have previous experience in your industry. It’s standard that security companies have a list of references their potential clients can contact before hiring.

Do You Monitor Your Guards While They’re Working?

It’s vital to have faith that the security guards you hire are actually working while on your property, which is why the best security companies have comprehensive monitoring equipment. Specifically, these companies will have GPS technology to monitor their guards’ activity and a manager that keeps tabs and offers supervision throughout their shift.

If you want to ensure your security company is as productive as possible, make sure this concern comes up in the questions and answers process.

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Coming up with the right questions for security companies is vital to finding the perfect fit. But regardless of your criteria, Advantage Security in Lancaster will exceed your security expectations.

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