York, PA Residents Are Required To Contract Alarm Monitoring Services

Recently, a notice from the City of York Pennsylvania Mayor, Michael Helfrich, was sent to local business owners regarding its Municipal Fire Alarm System. The letter states: 

“The letter is to inform you that effective immediately, the City of York can no longer rely on the Gamewell System as its Municipality Fire Alarm System. As you may know, the Gamewell System was originally installed in the city in the 1880s. Unfortunately, as most municipalities have shifted away from the Gamewell System, the availability of parts has become a challenge, and the cost of parts and maintenance of the system have become exorbitant. The City is exploring options to refurbish, replace, or move on from the Gamewell System in the coming weeks. In light of this development, the City will not be requiring payment of a Gamewell fee in 2022. 

Please be advised that until a long-term solution can be found, you should contract with a fire alarm monitoring service for fire protection. The city will be in contact with you directly about the process going forward.”

What This Notice Means

As a York City property owner, you will need to find a fire alarm monitoring service for fire alarm system monitoring of your property. As the letter notes, the City is no longer utilizing the Gamewell system, so if you were depending on the Gamewell System as required for monitoring, it is no longer operable, as noted by the City. We’d highly recommend testing and verifying the functionality and monitoring of your system to minimize any loss.  Utilizing a reliable alarm company to monitor your system that protects your business, property, and residents will minimize your headaches and liability. 

What Is A Fire Alarm Monitoring System?

Fire alarm monitoring systems deliver 24/7 protection by detecting the early warning signs of a possible fire and notifying emergency services for response. 

The quicker you can detect and notify the fire company, the better the outcome. That is the goal of a smoke and fire alarm monitoring system, and choosing the right one can make all of the difference in protecting your property and business.. 

What To Look For In Your Fire Protection Services

When comparing monitoring  providers, you should consider each company’s services and their responsiveness.. Choose a provider that offers: 

  • Is a UL Listed alarm company and not just uses UL equipment
  • Does not depend on cellular or landlines for transmitting alarm data
  • Answers the phone and is responsive to service requests
  • Has a proven track record and a local office that you can visit if necessary
  • Is proficient and can explain thoroughly the process to make your system code compliant to requirements

And more. Ask questions and ensure the right provider and system gets installed in your business.

A Partner You Can Trust

Your neighbors at Advantage Security are here to help you protect your business. We are local to the York area and are happy to assist businesses as they transition away from the York City Gamewell system and confirm the proper operation of the fire alarm system. in this transition. 

Contact us today to learn more about options for your business, including access control, video and intrusion systems.